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Empire Movers in Palo Alto

Palo Alto Moving Company

Make your relocation smooth and get all the necessary moving services in Palo Alto without hidden fees and at affordable rates.


We will pack and deliver your belongings from A to B.


Let us transport your valuables securely for a long distance and arrive on time.


Entrust us with challenges you may face in house moving.


Use our storage units to keep your valuables in safety as long as you need.


Get a fast and well-organized relocation of your office with our movers in Palo Alto.


Strong movers and necessary equipment allow us to move oversized and heavyweight cargo safely.

Empire Movers in Palo Alto

We are not the only relocation service in California to provide help to people and businesses who have to change their current location, but there are some features that make us a leader among other moving companies in Palo Alto. If you want to get an optimal solution to your moving challenges, there are several reasons why you should prefer our expert assistance to any other.

  • Affordable cost with no hidden fees
    The first thing people pay attention to when they look through relocation services in Palo Alto is their cost. Our company is a full-service one, so it means that all the standard moving services are included in the total cost of moving. Moreover, even if you need to order some special services, their cost will be included in the contract and they will not be a ’surprise’ to you during the process. As a result, our moving costs turn out to be much more affordable than in other companies as you should not pay for every service separately.
  • Timely delivery of the cargo
    Punctuality is a talent and not every company can boast it. Our prerogative is to plan every relocation process to the smallest details, especially when it comes to time. Nobody wants to wait for long hours when his or her belongings will arrive at the final destination, which is a real problem of long-distance moving. We have found out a solution to this problem: our home movers in Palo Alto are never late or they will have to pay you for the time they missed. You can be confident that your valuables will be delivered at the time indicated in the contract, and any issues that might happen will be only a benefit for you.
  • Tailoring every order to the client’s wishes
    Moving is not an easy process to predict, and sometimes you have to organize everything quickly and within a short period of time. Our best movers in Palo Alto area are always ready to assist our clients in their life-changing situation. Whether you need to perform an urgent relocation or you are not able to do that on weekdays, with our dedicated team, it is not a challenge. We are ready to perform orders any time of the day and even on weekends and holidays if necessary. Moreover, it makes no difference whether you change the apartment in the same house, district, or state - we will cover any distance required to make your move smooth, hassle-free, and comfortable.
  • One move - one team of movers
    How often it happens when you entrust your valuables to one group of people and the cargo is delivered and unloaded by absolutely different specialists. Our company realizes that you will probably desire to see the same team of professionals at the final point and it is the option that makes our company outstanding among other moving companies near Palo Alto.
  • Safety is confirmed by the insurance
    Moving is often associated with damages, thefts, or other troubles, but not with us. You can not only trust our Palo Alto furniture movers but also be confident that any issues with your belongings are excluded. We ensure all the cargo and it is a guarantee of its safety.
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Moving tips

Moving to or from Palo Alto?

Even if you have ordered services of the best moving company in Palo Alto, there are some things people often forget to do when they leave for a new place. Neither cheap movers nor anyone else can do that for you, but these tasks are very important and play a significant role in the success of your relocation.

  1. Plan a move in advance
    If you have time to think about your moving in advance, there are several important questions to answer. Try to schedule your move from October to April, as there is no such a high demand for moving labor and you may save on the process or get a free quote. It is also better to plan a move on a weekday, as some moving companies refuse to work on weekends or charge extra for such services. Don’t forget to set deadlines for every task connected with moving to prevent mistakes and pitfalls caused by hurrying.
  2. Change your postal address and refuse from subscriptions
    When you move to another place, it is not enough to tell your neighbors and friends about it. There are people, who may live far away and communicate with you writing letters. It is a reason to visit a post office and change your address. Moreover, don’t forget to ask a new landlord of your former dwelling to forward mail sent to you to your new address. If you got used to getting some newspapers, magazines or home delivery services, it is time to cancel this subscription.
  3. Notify important institutions and your circle of communication

    Sometimes we are so engaged in the process of moving to California or from it, that we forget about such obvious things as telling your friends about the changes in your life. Thanks to the existence of mobile phones and social media, this process should not take much time, but you should definitely share several minutes for this.

    Another important stage to complete is to notify such important local institutions as banks, healthcare offices, educational institutions, membership clubs, etc. Compile a list of the places you should visit or call to not to regret later about it.

  4. Consider the utilities
    In this case, you should think not only how to disconnect them in the house you move out from but also how to reconnect them in the dwelling you are going to move to. Experts advise scheduling the turn off of the utilities 2-3 days after you have left the property and arrange all the basic utilities in your new home 2-3 days prior to your move in.
  5. Prepare a box of essentials
    It often happens that there are things that must be delivered not by the moving company in Palo Alto but by the person himself. Sometimes, the belongings must spend a certain period of time in the storage unit, so you need a box of the essentials you should take with. It usually includes money, jewelry, documents as well as some useful items like medicine, kitchen utensils, towels, cosmetics, basic tools etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you move heavy items like pianos and professional equipment?

Do you move heavy items like pianos or professional equipment? Yes, of course! Our strong movers are provided with professional equipment and are trained to move oversized and heavyweight cargo as well as machines.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No! Being a full-service moving company, we guarantee that you will see the total cost of moving services in the contract and it can be changed only if you order any additional services.

Can you help me to pack my furniture and fragile items?

Our goal is to make your move smooth, safe, and comfortable, so if you need any moving help including packing services, we will pack your belongings using necessary materials.

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